MTSBA's core purpose is to maximize the potential of each child through school board leadership.
MTSBA's Core Values Are:
Visionary leadership in all that we do.
Advocacy focused on each child in every public school system in Montana.
Local control and community ownership of Montana's Public Schools.
Understanding, respecting and equitably balancing the interests of Montana's Public Schools.
Ensuring alignment between standards/mandates and funding for Montana's Public Schools.
Securing and preserving the cultural heritage of American Indian Peoples and Tribes.
MTSBA represents and serves over 1,400 volunteer trustees who are elected and serve in communities throughout Montana. Our member trustees collectively provide over 750,000 hours of volunteer service in Montana's public schools each year.
The public schools governed by our members serve as community-owned centers of excellence, life-readiness and opportunity for over 140,000 school-aged children.
MTSBA advocates for increased student achievement, we provide services that save Montana's taxpayers money and improve school board performance, and we help increase awareness of the great value of Montana's public schools.
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Upcoming Trainings and Events

Spring 2015 Workshops

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May 12     Frenchtown

May 13     Whitefish

May 14     Great Falls

May 18     Billings

May 18     Helena

May 19     Sidney

May 19     Bozeman

May 20     Glasgow

May 20     Butte

May 21     Havre

Summer Leadership Symposium

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Negotiations and Policy Symposium

July 2015 - Helena

Back to School Legal Primer

MCEL 2015

October 14-16, 2015 - Billings, Montana

School Law and Technology Symposium

November 30-December 1, 2015 - Helena

Weekly Video Updates on the 2015 Legislative Session

MTSBA Weekly Video Update, April 15, 2015:

Welcome to the Montana School Boards Association

Starting in 1926, the Montana School Boards Association (MTSBA) has promoted and defended each community's ownership of its public schools, exercised through constitutionally-empowered trustees who are elected by and accountable to the communities they serve. 

MTSBA is governed by a 20 member Board of Directors including directors appointed by the boards of Montana's seven largest communities (Billings, Butte, Bozeman, Great Falls, Helena, Kalispell and Missoula); 11 directors elected by their peers in geographic regions throughout the state of Montana, one representative of the Indian School Board Caucus and one representative serving on the National School Boards Association Board of Directors. 

All of MTSBA's directors are elected volunteer trustees in their local communities, and serve on the MTSBA board without compensation, just as they do in their local communities. 

MTSBA's membership encompasses virtually all the state's locally elected boards of trustees, over 1,400 dedicated volunteer leaders in all. Our services and other resources are designed, implemented, regularly and effectively assessed and adjusted to ensure the success of G.R.E.A.T. public schools throughout Montana.  Click on the picture below to see an enlarged version and read about the characteristics of G.R.E.A.T.-ness.

Our Insurance Partners

  • MUST

We operate highly functioning and successful workers' compensation, property and liability, and unemployment insurance programs that save taxpayers millions of dollars each year.  In addition, we endorse and share governance of the highly successful and growing Montana Unified School Trust health insurance program. 

MUST's Mission is to serve the public-education community of Montana by providing high-quality, cost-effective health-benefit plans and services through the Montana Unified School Trust.


The Montana School Group Insurance Authority (MSGIA) started with the Workers Compensation Risk Retention Program (WCRRP). WCRRP has provided a self insured workers’ compensation pool collaboratively with Montana School Boards Association (MTSBA) since November 1989. The program began with 59 founding school district members providing school districts a customized workers’ compensation program with competitive rates. The MSGIA currently contracts with MTSBA to administer its program and act as the pool’s Third Party Administrator (TPA). Currently the MSGIA provides workers’ compensation coverage for approximately 393 elementary and high school districts across Montana.

In 2008 MSGIA launched a Self Insured Property Liability Pool called School Leaders Self Insurance Pool or SLIP. This program compliments the self-funded model the MSGIA has proven so successful since the inception of our self-funded workers’ compensation risk retention pool in 1989. The same key elements and ingredients that have benefited our members so well over the years exist in the property and liability program. Those elements include ownership, risk management, self governance of and accountability to those purchasing the coverage.


Control unemployment costs and save valuable staff time with the Montana Schools Unemployment Insurance Program (MSUIP). 

Since 1994, the program has helped member districts control unemployment costs and save valuable staff time, while providing superior support from a team of experts focused exclusively on helping Montana school districts.

A single unemployment claim can cost as much as $13,188. MSUIP offers a full-service approach, coordinated by a full staffed in-house team of plan management professionals. The plan helps you work closely with a proactive claims management team supported by a hands-on comprehensive system of services to help you effectively reduce claims. 

MSUIP Quarterly Reporting

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