Spring 2020


With the Stay-at-Home order for the State of Montana, the MSGIA team is working remotely and not in our office building.  Our staff’s phones are forwarded and our main phone number provides you the option to select a staff person's name.  Desk phones are forwarded to each staff member at their remote locations. Here's a guide (see right column) on which MSGIA staff members might be able to assist.

Callers also have the option of leaving a message at our main number 406.457.4500 – messages are checked and returned periodically throughout each day.  

Property and Liability General coverage questions:
Matt Komac -  mkomac@mtsba.org or 406.495.7022 OR  Shawn Bubb -  sbubb@mtsba.org or 406.439.7958

Property and Liability claim questions: Jeremey May -  jmay@mtsba.org or 406.457.4409

WC payroll reporting or premium questions: Lisa Gateslgates@mtsba.org or 406.457.4505

Workers Compensation Claim Adjusters:
Shauna Foley
: 406.457.4411
Gina Keltz: 406.457.4413
Brenda Damuth: 406.447.4412
Katy Sides: 406.449.4405

WC and Property and liability claims can most easily be reported to us online at this link: https://www.msgia.org/reportclaim

Be safe out there and we will get through this together!

New Transportation Training Guidelines

By Shawn Bubb, MSGIA Director of Insurance Operations

It was not too long ago that the number of annual training hours went from 10 to 15 for school bus drivers.  Most recently, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued new regulations that require more stringent requirements regarding driver training. These updated regulations are referred to as MAP 21 (Moving Ahead for Progress 2021) and apply to all locations that train school bus drivers who require a Class A or Class B CDL License. The new requirements are effective for all new driver training performed after February 2, 2022.  Because we have expanded the School Bus Safety Driver training modules to include the new MAP 21 training requirements, MSGIA school district property and liability members have plenty of time to prepare for when these new rules go into effect. Read more

Ransomeware Prevention

By Matt Komac, Assistant Director, PC Pool Operations

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, and they are targeting schools due to the sensitive information and important records they possess.  A ransomware attack is thus one of the most disruptive and costly incidences a School District can suffer. Aware of these risks and their costs, Beazley – MSGIA’s Cyber carrier – along with Lodestone Security, has developed the following best practices to help you prevent these incidents from occurring. Read more

Lead Reduction in Schools - Information for Administrators

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) has rolled out a Lead Reduction in School Drinking Water Rule (Montana ARM 37.111.832(8)). This rule was enacted to protect school children by minimizing lead levels in drinking water provided at Montana’s schools. Read more

Summer Moving & Cleaning

By Harry Cheff, Risk Management Associate and Annette Satterly, Risk Management Associate

The 2019-2020 school year is winding down for many staff members.  For the maintenance and custodial staff, significant work is just beginning.  There are several districts across the state where renovations are taking place. New schools are being or have been built, and staff is moving grade levels or between buildings.  The custodial staff/janitors/engineers in every district will be stripping and waxing hallways, gyms, cafeterias, and other facility areas during the summer break. Read more