Transportation Training Guidelines

New Transportation Training Guidelines

By Shawn Bubb, Director of Insurance Operations

It was not too long ago that the number of annual training hours went from 10 to 15 for school bus drivers.  Most recently, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued new regulations that require more stringent requirements regarding driver training. These updated regulations are referred to as MAP 21 (Moving Ahead for Progress 2021) and apply to all locations that train school bus drivers who require a Class A or Class B CDL License. The new requirements are effective for all new driver training performed after February 2, 2022.  Because we have expanded the School Bus Safety Driver training modules to include the new MAP 21 training requirements, MSGIA school district property and liability members have plenty of time to prepare for when these new rules go into effect.

In addition to the MAP 21 supplemental training course materials, the MSGIA has expanded its bus driver training module offerings to include the full CDL on-line training course materials. When combined with the core 26 modules, these offerings will help new drivers prepare for their written CDL exams and for the behind-the-wheel sections of that certification process.  This comprehensive and interactive on-line course prepares applicants to take on the CDL written test and pass it the first time. Covering seven areas of learning along with extensive practice tests, applicants will be more than ready to earn their license.  The MSGIA also provides extensive training modules for transporting students with special needs, including seven course-content sections to prepare drivers well for these types of student bus riders.

To help make your school bus drivers the safest and most competent on the road in your community, the combined course offerings provide training in a total of 303 subject areas.  Transportation risk can be a significant issue for many school districts, and that is why the MSGIA has invested so heavily in the training modules, all of which are available to our property and liability pool members with transportation exposures.

Gaining access to the trainings is very easy.  MSGIA property and liability members can go to and select “safety resources” and then “Safe Schools training.”  Only members who own their own school buses will see the School Bus Safety Training content as described above.  All other MSGIA members have access to 13 general transportation courses with topics such as a) avoiding distracted driving, b) winter driving, c) 15-passenger-van safe operations, d) defensive driving, and, c) crossing guard safety.

All courses can be taken individually or in a classroom setting with easy-t- manage course tracking, quizzes for content retention, and ease-management reporting provided to track the professional development of your staff.

For questions on how to get started with our transportation training modules or if you would just like some quick tips, please feel free to contact either of the two risk managers for the MSGIA, Harry Cheff or Annette Satterly.  Both can be reached at our toll-free number 1.877.667.7392. Return to newsletter