Winter 2020


Student Caused Injury Prevention Strategies

By Shawn Bubb, MSGIA Director of Insurance Operations

We read a lot of injury reports here at MSGIA and can get a little numb from seeing many similar losses from season to season and year to year.  But, by stepping back and looking at common losses, we can anticipate problems and, in turn, identify ways of addressing the root causes for many injuries.  Granted, we can’t prevent all of them, of course; but I do believe that we can trim the numbers by utilizing some sound prevention strategies. Read more

Back and Shoulder Injury Prevention

By Harry Cheff, Risk Management Associate and Annette Satterly, Risk Management Associate

Reading articles that come across our desks is one of the many ways that we as Risk Managers stay on top of what is changing in the safety and health world. Recently we reread an article by Chris Kilbourne that ran June 20, 2011, in the EHS Daily Advisor titled “Shoulder the Responsibility for Preventing Shoulder Injuries,” and some of the information was just too appropriate not to share it with you. Read more

Slip and Fall Prevention: Starts with the Right Shoes

By Kevin Bartsch, MSGIA Assistant Director Workers’ Compensation Pool Operations

 As we settle into winter, we are reminded that during these long, cold months, 60% of slip/fall accidents occur when walking from our vehicles to various buildings.  Not surprisingly, we typically see a dramatic increase in the incidence rate for slip-and-fall events related to ice and snow.  Thus far, this winter is shaping up to be no different than recent ones.  Mindful of the pattern and predictable problems pertaining to it, we at MSGIA wish to remind all members of the importance of thinking ahead in order to avoid becoming a part of the slip-and-fall accident increase group. Read more

Winter Driving

By Matt Komac, Assistant Director - PC Pool Operations

For well over half the year here in Montana, drivers must deal with potentially dangerous winter road conditions.  So, as we quickly approach the heart of winter, we wanted to share some best practices to help keep you safe on the road.  Read more

Chaperone Supervision Roles for Student Trips

By Harry Cheff, Risk Management Associate

Throughout the year and particularly during the winter months, there are a number of school activities every day of the week and even on weekends.  Depending on the event the students are participating in, and depending on the gender and number of participants, the activity often requires additional supervision.  Because staff in most districts are – even without these additional activities – already stretched thin, the district’s often reach out to members of the public to act as chaperones for assistance.  Nothing is more time consuming and potentially costly to the operation of the District than an activity went bad due to a lack of judgment on behalf of these well-intentioned stand-in chaperones.  Aware of these needs and related dangers, we offer you the following considerations to contemplate. Read more

Winter Field Trips Risk Management Plans

By Matt Komac, Assistant Director - PC Pool Operations

As MSGIA members who are planning ski trips, ice skating parties, and other winter outings for their students, you should be thinking about student and staff safety and about managing the district’s risk. So, with that need in mind, we are providing you with this shortlist of questions to consider prior to any school-sponsored trip: Read more