Spring/Summer 2023

House Bill 178 - An Overview of Recent Statute Changes Affecting WC Coverage
By Kevin Bartsch, Assistant Director Workers Compensation Pool Operations, and Shawn Bubb, Director of MSGIA Insurance Services

On March 23, 2023, Governor Gianforte signed into law House Bill 178, which updates the coverage associated with recreational activity by employees on the premises of their workplace. Specifically, House Bill 178 states that workers’ compensation does not cover injuries that occur when district employees are voluntarily recreating on school property (or as part of a school-sanctioned, off-campus event) when they are not acting in an official, paid capacity as an employee. In brief, if an employee is injured during an activity occurring on that person’s unpaid time, coverage will not apply.  Read more

Custodial/Maintenance Summer Safety Reminders
By Harry Cheff, MSGIA Risk Management Associate, and Annette Satterly, MSGIA Risk Management Associate

We are looking forward to the summer! No more shoveling snow and scraping ice off of windows – just loads of time to enjoy long days, short nights, and a welcome change of pace! However, (there is so often a however when it comes to heartening news about the weather in Montana!), for the custodial and maintenance employees, summer is the busiest and most strenuous time of the year and thus one of the most dangerous. Read more

Safe Schools New Face Lift

By Annette Satterly, MSGIA Risk Management Associate, and Harry Cheff, MSGIA Risk Management Associate

Vector Solutions (the parent company for Safe Schools) has announced that they have updated their system. This change took take effect March 1, 2023. MSGIA sent news of this update to you in February/March, and we are sending it out again along with a reminder. We want to reassure you that you do not need to change anything! Everything that the district has assigned will carry over with the update. Most notably, customized settings will remain the same and so will custom courses. Read more

Summer Vandalism Prevention
By Matt Komac, MSGIA Assistant Director for Property & Liability Pool Operations

The summer months can present challenges when it comes to protecting school campuses from burglary, vandalism, and arson.  Empty campuses and vacant buildings represent temptations for mischievous kids and as well as adults; and though welcome after a long winter, warm summer temperatures and long days mean that people are active later in the evening and often looking for something to do.  Under such circumstances as these, unsecured facilities can invite unlawful entry, theft, and vandalism. Read more