Spring 2024

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention & Identification Training Courses

- Matt Komac, Assistant Director, PC Pool Operations

Sexual abuse in educational settings is a deeply concerning issue that can have devastating effects on students, families, and entire communities. Montana, like other states, has faced its share of challenges in this regard. However, by implementing proactive measures and fostering a culture of vigilance and accountability, schools can significantly reduce the risk of sexual abuse incidents in our schools. Click here to read more.


End-of-Year Preparation and Summer Cleaning Safety

- Kevin Bartsch, Assistant Director, WC Pool Operations, Brenda Koch, Risk Management Associate, and Annette Satterly, Risk Management Associate

There is no time like the present to start thinking about summer cleaning.  While it is beneficial to have staff and students assist prior to summer dismissal with this preparation, it is equally important that critical injury prevention strategies and expectations be in place and clearly communicated. Some topics to consider are below. Read more.

Fostering a Safe Working Environment for School Staff and Students
- Brenda Koch, Risk Management Associate, and Annette Satterly, Risk Management Associate

Implementing effective risk-management strategies that improve the safety of staff and students takes a comprehensive approach that includes a focus on effectively working with aggressive students. Across the country, there has been a notable increase in the number of injuries to school district staff involving interactions with students who display highly aggressive behaviors.  Closer to home, over the last three school years, the MSGIA has processed approximately 1,400 reported claims of this nature, with related claims costs approaching $1,300,000.  And though large and concerning, this number doesn’t begin to capture the related impact of injured and thus unavailable staff.  To address this growing concern and improve the school environment for both staff and students, districts need to develop systematic and consistent approaches to the problem, as doing so is one of the best ways to reduce the severity of this issue and its impact on staff and students. Below are some strategies that several Montana schools are using to effectively address this problem. Read more.


Student Teachers and Volunteers: Proper Coverage Endorsements

- Kevin Bartsch, Assistant Director WC Pool Operations

Each year, school districts receive much-needed help from various volunteers who assist with activities within school district operations.  Those activities often include chaperoning field trips, assisting during sporting events, or assisting in a teacher’s classroom. Additionally, many school districts help college students complete their Student Teaching programs. Click here to read more.